generasian next
2002 Issue Number 1

Travis Reyes
Yolk Magazine Staff Writer

Beginning with the funeral of Rick, a friend of a tight-knit group of buddies that include Luke, Dave, Mike, and Sheldon, Banana Boys brims with energy, humor, and pathos.  Resembling the classic film The Big Chill in its honesty, wit, and narrative, first-time author Terry Woo sheds light onto a section of the Asian America that few of us are privy to - that of the mixed-up Chinese Canadian 20-something  male population.  These "banana boys," nicknamed for their inability to fit into either White Canadian society nor the Chinese one, embark on an alcohol-tinged journey of self-discovery that is at one sad and hilarious.  Woo's perceptions of this subculture of men are self-deprecating, edgy, and triumphant, rendering Banana Boys a must-read for all Asian Americans.

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