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But on other days, like today, I’d be plagued with innumerable self-doubts. I’d ultimately feel that it was pointless, futile. I’d feel that I didn’t have the time or the energy for anything like this. Here I am, sitting on enough material in my Campbell’s Soup box for several novels, and I don’t even have time to write a matchbook cover, and even if I did, it’d be fruitless because who’s going to be interested in the garbage that I have to say, anyway?


Terry Woo is a Banana Boy. Born in Hamilton, Ontario, he has drifted from Toronto, Seattle, New York and San Francisco, and has been back in Toronto for over 30 years. Banana Boys was was short-listed for the 1999 Asian-Canadian Writer's Workshop Emerging Writer Award. It was adapted for theatre by playwright Leon Aureus in 2004, and has since graced the stage at the Factory Theatre in Toronto, Firehall Arts in Vancouver, and the Magnetic North Theatre Festival in Ottawa, with the most recent mounting at Factory in Spring 2017.

Terry has also published short stories in anthologies such as "Millennium Messages" in 1999 and "Strike the Wok" in 2003. He also won First Prize in the 2006 Robert Stewart Essay Competition sponsored by the Montreal Press Club.

He has a degree in Systems Design Engineering, one in Psychology, and one in Journalism. He spent four years in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve as a junior officer. This is his first novel. Stay tuned for the next one...

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