new edition of banana boys - yes, the book - available NOW!

After a long absence from the bookshelves, the new edition of Banana Boys is available!  New Cover and all. Check yer local bookstores soon, or visit these fine links to get yer hot lil hands on a hot lil copy...
Chapters-Indigo Online

Cover graphic, reviews, etc. on these sites will hopefully be updated soon.

I also checked out the premiere of Banana Boys on stage at the Factory Theatre on Thursday. Really, really tight production. Kudos to Leon and the fu-Gen crew for streamlining it down to something lean, mean, and sex-ay as hay-ell.


banana boys on the stage - back for the fall!  september 22 to october 16, 2005. 

Yes, it's back!  More info here:

Factory Theatre - 125 Bathurst Street, Toronto
(Bathurst and Adelaide)
Preview Performances: only $12
Tuesday - Thursday at 8:00 pm: $23
Friday at 8:00 pm: $25
Saturday at 3:00pm matinee (final weekend only) at 2 pm: $25
Saturday at 8:00pm: $30
Sunday matinee at 3:00 pm: $20 in advance or Pay What You Can at the door
(Please note: Sunday preview performances begin at 7 pm)
phone: 416-504-9971


banana boys re-issue - available august-september 2005. 

Many thanks to Cormorant for moving on a re-issue of Banana Boys.  (Note that the new edition won't technically be a third printing because of some changes, although it's a lot easier to refer to it as such.)  Look out for a new cover, too.


short story. 

I have the honour of having a short story published on the Chinese Canadian Culture Online Project (CCCOP) Youth Anthology.  (That I am no longer really a youth is another issue entirely.)

Check it out - it's called "Skating Over My Heart" - actually an excerpt from a new novel I'm kinda sorta working on right now.  (Stupid writers block - die die!)  Enjoy...


this news is bad news... 

I just learned recently that a friend's parents were missing in the tsunami. Not sure if it's appropriate to post details, so I won't... but it really fucking sucks - he's such a decent guy. It really puts everything in perspective. I sure hope they're found soon.


no news is good news... 

... so I'm putting up a nifty picture that the inestimable Moulann sent me...

Like what you see?  For the webpage of this talented singer and musician, click here.


excellent job... 

Congrats and kudos to Leon and the fu-GEN crew for an AMAZING visual experience.  For reviews and writeups, click here.



September 18th to October 3rd
Factory Studio Theatre
125 Bathurst Street (Bathurst and Adelaide Sts.)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Tickets?  416-504-9971, or e-mail  


(sort of) new interview here...

By Jasmine Magazine re: everyone's favourite subject (insert grimace here.)  I was one of a few people they talked to... despite the topic kinda getting tired, the interview was fun and informative.  Check it out here.


Asian Heritage Month (AHM) 2004

As you many know, May is Asian Heritage Month, dedicated to celebrating any and all aspects of Asian Canadian culture.  Some events I'm involved with...

1.  A reading of some short stories from Strike the Wok at the North York Public Library, featuring Senator Vivienne Poy, Wayson Choy, Judy Fong Bates, and Paul Yee (your truly is not reading, but I'll be attending to support The Cause(tm).)

Friday, April 30, 2004
7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Free Admission

2.  I'll be taking part in a CBC Radio panel discussion on Chinese Culture in Toronto May 6th, along with a few other notable people in the community... air time TBD.

3.  I'll also be taking part in a panel discussion at Chapters Festival Hall (Richmond and John St.) along with Wayson Choy, Judy Fong Bates, and (I think) Kerri Sakamoto...

Saturday, May 15, 2004
7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Free Admission also.


new novel...

DONE!   It's a huge weight off my shoulders... unfortunately, it's also caused a huge, gaping void in my heart to appear... empty... so empty... so very, very empty inside...

More info here!


generasians 2004

March 5-7, 2004
Queens University, Kingston, ON

Been invited up again this year to speak and shill some books.  For more info, you can email Jen Chow at jennchow83@yahoo.caSupporten zie causen!


new short story published in an asian canadian anthology...

"Striking the Wok:"  Myself, Dave Hsu, Wayson Choy (yes, the Wayson Choy), Judy Fong Bates, Lien Chao and Gein Wong at the TSAR book launch, Nov 22.

I have a new short story titled "Cheap Razor Blades" published in TSAR's new anthology - "Strike the Wok:  An Anthology of Contemporary Chinese Canadian Fiction.  (Click on the link to purchase from   


article on banana boys - the stage adaptation...

Read it here!  


new interview...

here!  It's kinda long and thick with "ok's" and "you know's," but it's the best discussion I've had about issues surrounding issues like racism and activism I've had in a long time... really enjoyed it.


banana boys - the stage adaptation... workshop reading!

Thursday, July 10, 2003; 8:00pm
Buddies In Bad Times Theatre, Tallulah's Cabaret space
12 Alexander Street (Yonge & College)

fu-GEN Theatre Company Presents a Workshop Reading of Banana Boys, a new stage adaptation of the novel by Toronto author Terry Woo. Can a banana grow in Canada? Banana: yellow on the outside, white on the inside. Otherwise known as a Canadian-born Chinese (CBC). Follow the lives of five Banana Boys as they peel apart their own identities and 
discover their self-worth first at University and later on in the real world. The play brings these characters to life, giving a moving and candid account of the Asian-Canadian male dilemma, capturing the imagination of not only the Asian-Canadian community, but anyone who has felt at odds with what is on the outside and what is lurking just beneath. 


article on banana boys - the play...



neat little mention...



fundraiser for banana boys - the play!


BananAppeal fundraiser
sunday, april 13, 2003 
drink specials - raffles - banana boys pageant / auction - live musical performances 
Down One Lounge (49 Front Street East) 
Starts 7:30pm $10 in advance, $12 at the door 
416-715-9963, for tickets

Here's the listing from the rice-beta newsletter:

"fu-GEN Asian-Canadian Theatre Company presents 'BananAppeal', a fundraiser for their workshop production of 'Banana Boys', a new play by Leon Aureus, adapted from the novel by Terry Woo. BananAppeal will feature live music from the `Banana Boys' soundtrack, a ton of raffle prizes, excerpt readings of the play, $3.00 Drink Specials ... and the coup de gras: A pageant and auction of the five hot-like-wasabi Banana Boys actors and playwright, as they vie for the title of "Number One Banana". Attendees will be able to purchase each Banana Boy for a number of different ... activities. For further information or to order tickets, call 416-715-9963 or e-mail More information is also available online at"



I was asked to be a speaker at this conference at Queens (March 7-8) - loads of fun!  I talked about The Book(tm), and themes touched on in the book - identity, racism, relationships, etc. - to a gaggle of knowledge-hungry young'uns (well, compared to me.  damn.)  

More info here...

Many thanks to Bernice, Denise, Shuai, and the rest of the Queens U Generasians crew for a well organized conference and a really good time.

Signing books at Generasians, March 8, 2003


press news.

A few weeks ago, the Riverbank Press officially became an imprint of Cormorant Books, a member of the Literary Press Group and publisher of books by authors such as Neil Bissoondath and Nino Ricci.  Here's the press release:

Cormorant Books Acquires The Riverbank Press as an Imprint

Cormorant Books Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of The Riverbank Press, a notable literary publisher based in Toronto.

The Riverbank Press will be an active imprint of Cormorant Books Inc., with the intention of publishing two to four titles annually. Under the terms of the acquisition Attila Berki and John Terauds will continue their acquisition and editorial responsibilities.

Marc Cote, president and publisher of Cormorant Books Inc. said today, "Attila and John have established an impressive and very respectable list in a short period of time and with limited resources. This acquisition of Riverbank will allow that editorial vision to continue and, hopefully, flourish."

"We are delighted to become part of such a distinguished and important Canadian publisher," said Attila Berki. "The revitalized Cormorant Books is a dynamic home for The Riverbank Press and its authors. We look forward to developing writers and publishing books that will contribute to Cormorant's prominence and success."

About Cormorant Books Inc.

Cormorant Books Inc. was founded in 1987 by Gary and Jan Geddes. In 1996, Stoddart Publishing took a position in the company and provided it with marketing, sales, and distribution. In 2001, Marc Cote, John Pugsley, and Sue Stewart acquired the shares held by Ms. Geddes. At the end of 2002, Mssrs. Cormorant Books Acquires The Riverbank Press as an Imprint

Cormorant Books is a literary house that has distinguished itself by publishing outstanding authors, including Neil Bissoondath, Michael V. Smith, Bill Gaston, Carol Bruneau, Ray Robertson, Elizabeth Hay, and Nino Ricci, among many others. Cormorant has an active translation program that includes works by Jacques Poulin, Lise Turcotte, Francois Gravel, and Christiane Frenette.

Sales representation for Cormorant Books is provided by the Literary Press Group of Canada and distribution is provided by University of Toronto Press.

About The Riverbank Press

In its eight years, Riverbank has published an extraordinary list of authors, including Edward O. Phillips, Greg Kramer, and Allan Stratton. The company also published the first of Tessa McWatt's novels, Out of My Skin and her 2000 Governor General's Literary Award-nominated Dragons Cry.

So what does this mean for Banana Boys?  Good stuff, I think - Cormorant is a larger press with a decent sales group.  One complication is that we switch warehouses from Hushion House to the U of T Press Warehouse.  

People interested in selling Banana Boys (e.g. university bookstores, independent bookstores) can obtain copies wholesale here:

University of Toronto Press Warehouse
5201 Dufferin St. North York, ON M3H 5T8 
Phone: (416) 667-7791
Fax: (416) 667-7832

Maybe this'll mean an American deal.  Here's to hoping.


article on the fu-GEN theatre company...

Featuring the man Leon, and some bits about Banana Boys (thanks Deb!)


a really weird thing happened to me on the way to someplace I thought was supposed to be at... 

Weird (and neat!) story - read all about it here


AIESEC talk...

(Thanks to Andie and Janice for arranging this! ;)  )


banana boys in the theah-tah.

Fu-GEN Productions is a theatre production company based in Toronto interested in developing a theatre adaptation for Banana Boys.

I've been talking to Leon Aureus, head of the company, and he's jazzed about this, and so am I! Some past Fu-GEN projects include:

- A production of David Henry Hwang's "FOB" (really, really excellent)

- An independent production, "Love and Relasianships"

- An improv show, "Bollywood or Bust"

You can visit for more information, or contact them at Many thanks to Leon for keeping the faith!

more info?